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Seagull Control Services

We offer seagull pest control services to coastal towns in the Sussex and Kent area. With twelve years experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver lasting results that are both ethical and cost effective.

Seagulls are becoming a real nuisance!

Seagull Control ServicesOver recent years, seagulls have become more aggressive, taking ice-cream and other foods straight out of peoples hands, stealing food from tables and ripping bin bags apart. This has led to a flurry of complaints in the local Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastings and Brighton press.

We provide:

  • Falconry deterrent - the use of predatory species to displace nuisance birds and seagulls. Also known as seagull scarers.
  • Highly effective - gulls do not become habituated to the presence of natural predators.
  • Ethical - our falcons are used only as a seagull deterrent.
  • Spikes - these make it uncomfortable for seagulls and other birds to roost. Spikes do not harm the seagulls and are R.S.P.B. recommended.
  • Wiring - spring loaded and placed on roosting sites to make perching difficult.
  • Netting - forms a physical barrier, stopping seagulls from accessing the desired areas.

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Seagull Control

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